to all the single women…i dare you.


Women this is for you.

Single women I am speaking to you.

I want to dare you.

I dare you to stare insecurity in the face. I dare you to allow God to face you with your weakness, with your inability to control every circumstance and situation that comes your way. I dare you to acknowledge the fears you’ve associated with being single and with being married.

I once heard Corey Russell say ducktape your foot to the gas pedal and go straight into that wall, because your going to hit it at some point. So just go after it. [The wall being whatever is hindering you from Gods love.] That is exactly what I am daring you single women. I dare you to face your fears in the eye. Those fears of being alone the rest of your life, the insecurities of not being enough.

You are beautiful, you are worth the pursuit. Just because that guy that you are crushing on doesn’t see that does not alter your identity. You are who God says you are. Lovely, Pure, Holy, Beautiful. You ravish His heart with just one glance. What you do for God, you cannot do for any man. What God can do for your heart, no man can do for you.

So before racing into a relationship, or attempting to get your crush to like you. I want to dare you to take a moment, a week, a season, and face whatever you’ve been running from.

I dare you to allow the Lord to purify your heart, you mind, your soul. So that when the day comes that  you are in a relationship there are less walls, less restrictions for the Lord to be able to love that person through you.

Love is patient. Love is kind. Love is long-suffering. Love does not boast. Love is not self-seeking.

Allow God to write love on your heart. To erase the fears, the doubts, the insecurities. Allow God to be your everything.

I dare you to let God be your all in all.

Why do I make you this dare? Because I took this dare, I take it everyday. I make the choice everyday to allow myself to sit in the gaze of the Lord and allow His burning eyes to purify me. It is choosing to everyday let go of what hinders love in my life. It is knowing that Id be worse off if I held onto my baggage and fears than to encounter the love of God. I dare you because some of you need that prompting, some of you have been waiting for that reminder that it is worth it to let go.

I am writing you as a single woman. I am not writing you this dare while being in a relationship or married. I understand what it means to take this dare. I believe its worth it.

So, again. I dare you. Take some time tonight to release to the Lord what has hindered you. I promise it will be worth it. Let love in 🙂

And remember…

Perfect love casts out fear.

15 thoughts on “to all the single women…i dare you.

  1. Girl, this is beautiful. Your heart is a treasure, it comes out so clearly in the words on this page. I love it because this too is my heart. The Lord wrote me a love story unlike any I could have written myself and in doing so, He clearly showed me both before and after the earthly one that no love on earth would ever compare to His!!
    You have such an influence in life right now friend! Such power to encourage young women to run to Jesus and fall in love with Him. To not waste these years but use them to be in relationship with Him! I applaud you for the amazing job you are doing at being used to build His kingdom! I can’t wait to get to know you more and read more of your heart!
    Much Love!

  2. I agree. God is the strength that gets us up in the morning. He is the one that can relieve any insecurity or any frustration you dare not let go of.


  3. Wow. What an amazing dare and one that I most definitely will take. I am so grateful to have stumbled across your blog and I am so grateful for your heart and your words for single women like me. I really loved reading that “what I do for God, I cannot do for any man. And what God can do for my heart is something no man can ever do.” Well said and beautifully written! Thank you times a million for this post. I’ve had a lot of stirrings recently, wanting to get the look and be pursued by man when I need to realize that God is after my heart right as I speak. I cannot wait to read more of your blog and the be.loved blog as well! 🙂

    1. Dares can be good 😉

      I pray God would continue to stir your heart as you walk on your journey.

  4. I’ve spent some moments in tears before reading this. The Lord just blessed me with the words He provided you to share. Thank you, dear sister. I’m taking the dare, and I will continue to. Thank you for the push.

    Bless your heart

  5. Thanks so much for sharing this.. I just broke up with my boyfriend, although I am still very much attached to him.. these are the days when it seems like the only thing that would make me happy would just be to sit and talk with him or just to have a great big hug from him.. thanks for this dare. I don’t even really know how to achieve it, or even how to determine what exactly is hindering me from God, but thank you. It’s nice to know that someone understands.

  6. Thank you so much for this, tears couldn’t stop streaming down my face as I read it. I really needed to hear those words. I need to remember that God loves me THAT much.

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