It all started with an idea.

Five months ago I launched a blog called be.loved. I have watched be.loved grow from an idea to a blog, to a message.

I have been humbled as I lead an incredible team of women. Learning to serve them, learning to honor their hearts and dreams.

I have found myself on my knees weeping over the women in this generation.

I have discovered a part of the Lord I never knew.

I have found myself facing failure in the eyes as I deal with my standards vs. Gods for me.

I have found myself feeling so alive as I read email after email from women sharing how the message of be.loved has helped & encourage them. Its that feeling right then and there that I know that I am doing a small part of what I have been called to.

I am everyday remembering the Lords faithfulness to my heart, to the dreams He placed in my heart. He told me not to despise small beginnings, so I waited, and waited…did I mention I waited 😉 Then Mid- April I launched be.loved. It took off  like wildfire. Within 24 hours of launching it received 2000 hits. I was shocked. How did people find be.loved? How did the word get out? I had never seen blog numbers like that before.  I knew there was a need for identity to be spoken into women, but I didn’t quite understanding just how many were searching for it. Lets be honest, we all are.

God has been calling me personally to live life freely. Since moving back to Kansas City, MO I have been learning more and more everyday of what it means. I know I still have so far to go. [I am shooting for heaven to be on earth as  much as possible on this side of time]. I am discovering what that desire to live free means to me. So far it goes a little something like this:

It means to love BOLDLY.

It means to live PURE before the Lord.

It means to live in TRUTH.

It means to abide in the truth of who Jesus Christ is, and what He has done for ME.

This is the mission behind be.loved. Where I had an idea to have a blog to encourage women to live life running hard after God. I believe it was Gods heart, His idea to stir up the hearts of His be.loved daughters to realize their identity in HIM and to walk boldly in that identity.

Tonight I just found out that a college women’s conference/retreat in PA will be using some of the blogs I have written for be.loved in there resources this weekend. I hear stories of pastors and their teenage daughters talking about be.loved at home.  I have women telling me that the message be.loved stands for is needed in our generation- it is in that moment that  I cannot help but literally fall on my knees and thank God that He uses a sinner like me to show the beautiful story of redemption that His love is all about.

So if you are a woman and haven’t checked out The be.loved blog why not check it out tonight?


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