His strength.

I am weak. He is strong.

I doubt. He is steadfast.

This last week has been quite the whirlwind. Overwhelmed in the abundance I have encountered. One week ago yesterday I packed up as much as I could and began the drive to Kansas. Yesterday, I was given a job- not just a job a career.

Last Saturday I arrived in Kansas City, this next saturday is my first day at this job. How did this all happen? I feel like a flood of abundance has overtaken me. The beauty of the last month has been so far beyond anything that I could do. For someone who is a recovering control freak and workaholic this is so far beyond me.

I am overtaken by His abilities. They trump what I could do in a lifetime. He is able to accomplish in a day, in an hour what would take me ten years. Its a reminder to me that when I set my eyes on God He will fight for me. He will bring those things to pass that are dreams in my heart. All I have to do is focus on Him. Trust Him. I had heard those verses hundreds of times. But this week I discovered the truth in them in a way I hadn’t

So here I am living in KS flabbergasted at Gods goodness. All I want to do is soak in His love and pour it out over His beloved ones.

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