Taking 30 minutes

Hey its me, Kymberly Janelle. So last night I was driving home from work knowing that I had the be.loved re-launch looming over me. Which meant staying up late to do 4 hours of work to get the re-launch ready for the next morning. With a full 10.5hr workday today . I began planning what I would do when I got home when the idea [ever so silently] popped into my head that I should go straight to my bible and spend 30 minutes there before I even got on the computer to start working on the be.loved relaunch. Now, for someone on a timeline that makes no sense. Why would I take out thirty minutes to read, which pushes back when I would eat dinner, which then pushes back how much time I would have to actually work on the blog itself. Doesn’t make sense to someone who is looking to be on time.

But you know what? I am not looking to live a life that makes sense. In fact, living life with eternity in your heart will ‘make’ you do some crazy things. Like taking out time that you don’t think you have, or selling everything you have, or giving it all away…So when I got home I chose to grab my bible, paper, and a pen and plop down on the couch with my phone alarm ready to go off in thirty mins. That chunk of time that I choose to spend with God in His word was worth EVERY SINGLE SECOND away from “doing”. Not only did I dive right into scripture [Matthew 24] and come back up with two pages of notes. I found myself at peace, and with this joy in my heart knowing that 30 minutes with God is better than 3 hours of my own striving to get something done. I found myself more at ease knowing God is more than able. I then logged onto my computer and found a friend online that I felt like I should ask her how she was doing even knowing that this conversation could very well go 2 + hours I choose to engage in conversation. We began chatting online and turns out she did need someone to talk to. Within 30 minutes she headed off to bed and I got to working on the blog re-design. And you know what I got everything done in record time. Not even 2 hours and I was done. GLORY TO GOD.

I will never regret the time I spend with the Lord.

Without the peace of God I can easily find myself frustrated, worried, and fearful. Choosing to abide in Gods peace is where I belong. It is my portion in life.

So next time you have a deadline, don’t forget to carve some Jesus time out first and foremost. Not because it is some formula, but because you are in a relationship with God. Because abiding in Him is what your soul needs.

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