Cultivating a wasted lifestyle

“Do not despise small beginnings” he told me. “I know” I replied.
But did I really? Over the next 6 months I would grow and realize I hadn’t truly grasped what it meant. But with the unveiling of new things in my life I began discovering that God was teaching me what I did ultimately want to know, but in the small portions I could handle.

Cultivating a wasted lifestyle begins in the small. In the day to day.
My life vision is missions, it is being a mommy to little african children. But before any of that happens God desires to teach me what I need to know here in the humble beginnings. If I cannot waste me life at the feet of Jesus for an hour when the sun is out, when productivity is calling my name I will not be able to waste my life serving dying children. When the babies and children come to me that are literally on their death bed, I want to have the faith to waste my life for them. Even if they don’t see the sun rise tomorrow I want to waste my life loving them for every second they were on this earth. However this is only possible in first cultivating a wasted lifestyle at the foot of the cross. I must learn to “waste my life” in prayer, in worship, in the word.

When the world would tell me that I should be doing things to advance my life here on earth I will have to make that choice to sit with God. I choose to place a higher importance on the eternal reality I am living in.
I choose to believe that it brings the Lord great joy for me to do the mundane  things just as it does the ‘exciting’ things.
I choose to believe that His face shines upon  me as I walk in obedience to His word.
I choose to believe that He knows the way I should go, far better than I ever could.
I choose to believe that when He says rest, I can accomplish more in one hour of prayer than I can in my striving for one day.
I choose to believe that He can do anything. That NOTHING is impossible for Him.
In choosing to believe these truths I am able to rest when He calls me to just sit with him for a couple hours. Or when I feel Him calling me to take a walk for a couple mins even when I have a deadline looming. I can trust that He knows what He is doing.
Cultivating a wasted lifestyle may look silly  to some. But it is the understanding that one day in the courts of the Lord is better than a thousand days here on earth. It is knowing God has heavenly treasures for us, hidden away. We must search for them. Searching takes time. Time that others will ask of you. Time that you will have to choose to say no to everything else too.
But this time is well spent. We will one day live in heaven, we will one day see the Holy One. And on that day I want to know that my life on earth had heavenly purpose, that it reaped heavenly reward.

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