Where busyness got me.

This culture has taught me that multi-tasking and busyness is good. It has taught me it is something to take pride in. Now mix that with my ruler personality [Redemptive Giftings Test by Arthur Burke] and its like gasoline. I bought into thinking busy was good. I found myself to busy to spend time the hours with God, but busy enough to build up houses of prayer and blogs I was managing. I found myself at 26 years old working more than the doctors I knew.

Busy-ness is not a trophy.

I found pride in my busy-ness. Pride is an evil thing. A deceiving thing. It will enrapture you to think you are successful, that you have arrived.

Fall into its trap and you will discover it sucking the life out of you. You will find yourself focusing less on love and more on work.

I have found myself there before. One to many times than I would like to admit in my last 26 years.

But this blog is a place to be real, to admit failures. Because we all have them.

If you allow pride to grasp hold of you. Pride will not relent until you give into it. It will demand you let go of everything that is compassionate, and serving in your heart.

Pride will convince you, its about being right. You will cover your tracks for the sake of it.

Pride is yucky.

I can not do it on my own. I was not created to do it alone. I was not created to be able to do it all.

I was created to give God my weakness, so that he may show himself in all His glory. That he may receive all honor and glory in my life.

…Let go of that pride. It never did serve you any good. It only stressed you out trying to control everything.

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