Life doesn’t always happen how you think it will.

Today I was suppose to go to my nanny job. But after driving about 10 minutes all of a sudden my car started overheating. [It had done this the past weekend when I drove down to Seattle for a wedding, but coolant had done the trick] So I pulled over, called my boss and told them there was no way I was going to be able to get to work which was another 25 minutes away. I then called my brother who works on cars for a living and 5 hours later I have a new radiator. My brother just so happened to be off work today and I just so happened to have money for the car issue. Its those tiny things that I am reminded God is in control.

So instead of working at my nanny job I have been listening to the IHOP-KC prayer room web stream for the last 4 hours straight editing and blogging.

Today turned out to be a relaxing day.

Today turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

Today I am thankful for the unexpected.

Yes it cost me money.

Yes it was inconvenient.


I was reminded there is no path that God will allow us to go down that we cannot handle. He has people ready and waiting for us. He has it all figured out.




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