Just how busy am I?

I am busy these days. Like really busy. I love it though. But there are times when I sit back and wonder how the heck I am able to do all these things and be sane. Pretty sure it is the grace of God 🙂 Okay lets be honest I know its the grace of God. Over the last couple months I realized I had been posting alot on my Facebook about alot of different organizations and blogs so I wanted to take a minute to give you all an update about what my life looked like. I try to only post on Facebook that which I believe in, and what is important to me.

So what am I busy with?

– Photography: One year ago I launched Kymberly Janelle Photography and it has been a blast. This summer I am photographing between 10-15 weddings! = 10-35 + hrs/week 

– Nanny: I work as a nanny part time for a 2 month old, 3 year old, and 5 year old. To say I keep busy is an understatement. I work 10.5 hours a day when I work = 21-30 + hrs/week

– Light of the World Prayer Center: I am on staff at the House of Prayer in Bellingham. I am required to serve 10 hours in the house of prayer, and I also manage the social media for LOWPC [so if you see lowpc fb updates make sure and holler back at me and like it;] . LOWPC  is a non-profit organization so this is strictly volunteer based position. I am not paid for any of my service, but I do this because I believe in the vision of building a house of prayer with prayer + worship going 24/7= 10hrs/week +

be.loved: April 20th I launched the be.loved blog a blog for christian women to encourage them in there faith. The first 2 days we got over 2k hits on the blog! Go God! Wanna check it out? Go HERE. As the founder I manage the blog, take care of all the emails, video chats… I have an INCREDIBLE team that I work with that helps with social media, editing, and graphic design. This blog is also volunteer based in that I receive no finances from it. This is all my heart and soul and time being placed into something I believe God is moving on =10+ hrs/week

On a very busy week I will be working around 80+ hrs.

Thats double a FT job!!

Now that is just my work + non-profits I am apart of.

Add in God time.

Then add in friends, family life, personal time [ie:working out, coffee break, pinterest…]

Add in the occasional blog post on here. Tweeting + Instagraming for myself.

And you have got one busy workweek. But I love it. Yes I understand some of you may think I am crazy. Maybe I am, but I love it. These things bring life to me. God has been bringing people in to help lighten the load. And I am forever grateful for those people.

So there it is.

I always appreciate prayers as I learn to steward my time well.

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