My challenge to you. Friends First

We live in a FAST paced culture. Where multi-tasking has become a way of life. From my phone I can access pretty much anything I want. I can book tickets, call someone, and text another friend all at the same time if I wanted. As technology progress’ I am finding as a whole we are wanting things and wanting them right away. Simply because things are available to us simply by the click of a button.

No? Am I wrong?

I know I am guilty of it. When I order my coffee if I have to wait longer than a minute I usually get impatient. I am human. Lord help me! Getting things fast has a time and place. But relationally fast paced isn’t necessarily the way you want to go when you are talking about two people who like each other. With information at the click of a button people can learn so much about us on Facebook, twitter, instagram. It can make being relational an illusion. You can watch someones life play out before you on your computer screen without ever once picking up the phone to say hi, or writing them a letter, or seeing them in person. Which in turn if you do not check yourself, enables you to check out of someones life. [With that said, I am NOT saying technology is bad. I am simply addressing a common issue within this generation that I myself have walked out] This is why I want to challenge those of you getting to know someone unto dating to slow down.

If it is the Lords will for you to be together, it will happen. You don’t have to rush a thing. Slow down, become friends first. Because at the end of the day when you marry that person you are going to want to be married to your best friend. The one you can confide in. Trust in. Not just some beautiful person who thinks you are funny and smart. You need someone who knows your faults and strengths and loves you through it all. There will come a day when the wrinkles are more evident, the stretch marks make there appearance, the hair starts thinning. Skin no longer becomes the thing that draws you in. But rather you will be challenged to ask yourself what about this person do you love? Because if it simply there looks, that is not love. Love is patient, love is kind, love is long suffering. Love has never been, and never will be conditional. Love does not demand perfection. Love lays itself down for the other one. Love waits.

Lust will never survive.

Love always makes a way.

I see it like this; Jesus waiting on that cross- he took every minute of the torture, of the pain so that it would be accomplished. So that He could conquer death for me. So that I could be connected back to God. THAT IS LOVE. Jesus already walked out patience. Waiting a couple months, a couple years is as nothing for me. It is but a drop in the bucket.

If God asked you to wait 10 years could you? If God asked you to wait one month could you?

Of course you could. Nothing is impossible with God. However, it is your choice whether you actually wait. I want to encourage you to do just that. wait.

I wait to challenge you to first love them as brother or sister.

Then, let God awaken love when it is time.


Kymberly Janelle

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