Choosing to rest.

In theory it sounds like a great idea. But it goes against my personality. It has never been my first instinct. It is not my first thought at the end of the work week.

So what exactly am I talking about?


Resting sounds nice at times. Sometimes my busy mind thinks that if I think about resting I have rested. Silly I know.

I am a busy person. Well busy is actually an understatement. I have three “jobs” plus being the founder of the newly launched be.loved. [I work pt as a nanny, PT as a photographer, and I am on staff at our house of prayer.]  The nannying takes up 25-30 hours a week, Photography a good 20+ hours a week, and staff at house of prayer is 10 hours. Add that up and your looking at between 55-65 hours per week that I am working on work related things. That leaves me with 113 hours left in my week. Now add in the be.loved blog [1 hour daily minimum]. Add family time- hanging out, doing groceries, cleaning house. Then add in friends – you know actually talking to them, skyping, getting coffee. Then of course my personal time [gym, personal trainer, pinterest, reading]. And we cannot forget sleep. Now do I get tired? Yes, but mainly it comes from not eating or drinking the correct foods.

I thrive off being busy, off of being productive.

However the Lord said rest is good.

No matter how much of a stretch it is for my personality. No matter how much I think I can do, I am to rest.  It is not an option, it is not a plan b. It is mandatory.


I have found that during the weeks span I can be busy, and productive, and juggling alot. That is fine. BUT when it comes to the weekend my “job” is to rest. To rest from the things Ive done that week, take a step back and breathe in deep and repeat. This weekend I did just that. It honestly kind of fell in my lap, somehow miraculously I hadn’t scheduled much over the weekend and I found myself taking the weekend nice and slow. Lots of hanging out with friends, eating out, going for walks, fellowshipping. It was exactly what my spirit, soul, and body needed. God told us to rest for a reason. He knows what is good for us. He did after all create each and everyone of us.

So because God says it is good for me. I choose to rest.

Will it be a struggle at times? Yes.

Will I have to fight to do it? Yes.

Will it come naturally? Probably not.

But is it worth it? Yes.

This week don’t forget to REST. Write it on your calendar, block off the day.

I would love to hear how you rest from the week.




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