Why do I write?

I found this looking back in my old blogs from 5+ years ago. And really loved it and wanted to repost it:


Some people ask me…Why do you write?
Your great at it, but why, and how can you write so much…So here is my answer for all to read.


Because I know.
I understand why.
Because I believe why he has put me here.
I write because Ive been through alot as a woman.
I write because I know what its like to go through some of things you have gone through.
I will never write of something I know nothing of.

I write because if you would have looked at me back before I was saved.
I wasn’t the person I am today.
I was selfish, I was greedy, I was a liar, I was a stealer, I was beggar, I was a temptress.
I was all those things and so many more things that I know so many people still are.
The person I use to be makes me ashamed.
But the lord has shown me what I need to change everyday to become a better person.
To become the woman he has envisioned me to become.

I write becuase I cannot help but praise the lord my god.
I want all those to see who once knew me several months ago…several years ago to see.
Through god, all things are possible.
How I live my day to day life is in no way the same to how I use to.

I write not because I want fame.
I write not to judge anyone.
I write not to put anyone down.
I write not to force anything upon anyone.

I write because I have a story to tell.
And I believe if you listen close enough you may find yourself in my shoes.
I write because I know life hurts. I know life isn’t always the easiest thing to live.
I understand that standing up for your savior may cost you “so called friends”.
It may cost you your life.

I write because I have a love story I have to tell.
I am already married. I have a husband.
And it just so happens he is also my savior. my salvation.
He is the love of my life. I would do anything for him.

I write because this is how I deal with lifes ups and down.
I write becuase I feel god has given me a gift.
I write because Ive got a story to tell….

Its called the story of my life…
But the thing that makes it different from all the others is GODS not only in it.
He is number one.

I write to explain something that took me 20 years to understand.
I am third. First is my father. Second are friends and family and third is me.
I never come first, ever. Its not about me. Nor will it ever be about me.
I would never want it to be…

This is why I write…
To celebrate life.
Through the highs and lows.
Because Ive got the lord my father guiding me through it…

I write.

I write for you.

I write for those weary souls dying inside.

I write for those who think theres nothing left for them out there.

I write for those wanting to reach out to him.

This is WHY I WRITE….

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