The 3 P’s of dating.

Dating has gotten so twisted by all the different ideas of what marriage is about. While I am not married, I do know a thing or two about dating and what works and what doesn’t. And I am hoping that this encourages those of you who are wondering what helps make a successful dating relationship. I wanted to write a blog about 3 important keys in dating. Now there are MANY MORE, but for this particular blog post I am going to cover three general topics that the Lord impressed upon my heart.

From beginning to end it is ALWAYS about God. As a christian you are looking for someone who you can partner with to run the race with. Compatibility is not based upon mutual interests apart from Jesus. Sure, that may be fun to like the same hobbies or activities but it is in no way a requirement to find a suitable spouse. It is so easy to come up with mental lists of what we want our future spouse to have, to be like, to look like. But ultimately God knows what we need more than we will ever understand. Finding someone who compliments you is nice. But finding someone who honors you is better. So a couple days ago the Lord put these on my heart, and I wanted to share them with you all.

::  3 P’s of dating ::

:: :: :: Find someone who PROVOKES you :: :: ::

Definition of PROVOKE:  to stir to action or feeling

Find someone whose life provokes you to be a better person. Words are easy to say. But someone who is living a life that provokes you to live your life FULLY for the Lord is a good one.

:: :: ::Find someone who PRAYS  :: :: ::

I mean really prays. Someone that you can entrust your deepest secrets to and know that there is no shame attached.  Someone who will war with you through the good and the bad. Find someone willing to get out of bed at night when the Lord wakes them up to pray and you have found a willing prayer warrior.

Make no mistake about it, as you draw near to meeting the man or woman that God has for you satan will take out every trick from his bag to try and get you two to either a. sin or b. give up. It really is true “the couple that prays together, stays together.” There is power, and where two agree it shall be done. Do not expect that life will be easy once you meet someone. It may be far from it. But know when to fight the battle (through prayer, through worship, through surrender)

:: :: :: Find someone who always POINTS you back to Jesus :: :: ::

This is KEY! Whether one of you is hurt or in pain the only person that can truly heal those wounds is JESUS.   When you are feeling weak, your husband or wife cannot heal you. Yes, they can comfort you, and they should. But they cannot heal you. Only God can fill the void, the hurt. Find someone who will point you back to God time and time again. Someone who understands that they are human and cannot fix you in anyway.

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 (Feel free to comment with your thoughts, ideas on this!)

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