Single or dating I encourage you.

I began writing on the group page on fb for the OneThing Intern Alumni and a status update began getting longer and longer and longer until I realized I need to blog what I was starting to write. So here it goes. I just want to encourage each and everyone of you who are single AND who are in a relationship. Follow and trust God in all your decisions whether to be single or to date. Do not date simply because you think it is the right thing to do, or that your parents love the person so they must be the right one. In choosing to date someone you must make God first and foremost. You answer to Him. Simply because you are dating someone does not make you better off than someone single. I personally have chosen singleness for over two years. I’ve known the Lord was calling me to it, and I stuck to it. And yes, people did ask me why I choose to not date, the questioned my motives. As if dating/marriage were the holy grail. Let me say it is not. God is! The answer to there questions though was simple for me, I needed more of God DESPERATELY and it had been a platform for me as a single woman who loved God to declare my love for him and show that life single DOESN’T SUCK! (excuse my language) But it really didn’t. So to you single guys and gals, keep holding onto the promises that God has for you. He is faithful to keep each other. Never lose hope that God remembers and God hears.

To those who are dating, or considering dating never forget what makes you come alive in God. Look for someone who pushes and challenges you to depend upon God first and foremost. Find someone who will fight for you to the death. Find someone who chooses to see you and love you as Christ loves you. Find someone who loves God more than you. Find that person, and you have found a good one. Remember that relationship is about you and that person and God. No other person defines your relationship, not society, not the church, no one. Let no one define what perfection is. Only Christ was and is. Your spouse will never be perfect, but the man or woman who knows there desperate need for God is a good one.

To sum it up, trust God in his leading. Whether it be for singleness for this season, or dating. Trust that what He has is good. Rushing into a relationship because you want to “be in love” or get married only causes harm. And might I remind you should already be in love, madly, deeply, head over heels in love with a man who died for you. I know I am. How about you?

So will you journey will me into a lifestyle called faith in trusting God in our relationships? 

And really ladies, being single is a beautiful time you have with the Lord that you will never have back again. I know I am soaking up every moment of it, I don’t know how long singleness will last for me personally but that is not what my concern is. My hope is not in one day marrying a man, my hope is in Christ Jesus.

Don’t let a moment go by that you do not live in fully alive.

3 thoughts on “Single or dating I encourage you.

  1. Great Post, Kimberly.

    Love hearing your thoughts on this.

    Marriage is not all about reaching whatever you perceive as the perfect age; it is waiting for the Lord to bring the right person in His timing. Our 6th child (age 20) was our 2nd child to get married. Big Sister (age 25 when married) always thought she would be the first, but the Lord was waiting to bring her an amazing man from across the country. And, this weekend, our eldest child (age 27) will be joining the ranks of the married. Yes … this will be our 4th child’s wedding in 14 months. Crazy!

    Hope you are doing well!


  2. Yes, called off wedding for these very reasons. Tony was not ready and I was not going to walk down the isle with a man who cannot yet find his footing in Christ.

  3. “And might I remind you should already be in love, madly, deeply, head over heels in love with a man who died for you.”

    A few nights ago, I was talking to the Lord about my desire to be married/date and said to Him, “Lord, I just want to be in love!” and immediately He said back to me, “You ARE in love. You’re in love with Me!” I could almost hear the smile in His voice. I was caught off guard because I wasn’t expecting that and felt really convicted. lol.

    Anyway, I love this post. So encouraging! (:

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