What I learned from shopping with coupons

Well tonight I took my coupon binder and I walked into target confident I was about to save a trillion dollars, okay maybe not a trillion but $100 would be nice.  Well I walked out learning a lesson. Being an extreme couponer is hard work! As I walked out I realized I need to write a blog on this. Cause I learned alot and I am hoping you can learn from my mistakes and from my gains. This was the first time I used store coupons with manufacture coupons on top of sale prices. I typically just use coupons here and there and am happy to save some money. But this time I actually went in pre-planning what to buy and with what coupons. I only purchased items with coupons this trip.

So to start here are my lessons I learned from tonight:

  • I went in without an actual total of how much I would spend – Not a huge no-no, but it could have helped me.
  • I went in on a Monday night. Uh- not smart. I should have gone the second I got my sunday morning ad. The really good deals I could have gotten for free were GONE. Lesson learned = EARLY BIRD GETS THE WORM
  • Always bring your entire coupon binder. I went in thinking I was going to find some aveeno haircare products aka shampoo, but realized they were more expensive than I wanted to pay even with $4.00 in coupons. So I looked in  my hair section and sure enough I had a $3.00 off coupon for another brand for two products and the shampoo + conditioner was on sale for $3.50. Now you do the math. Yep, I paid $.50 for one bottle of shampoo. And the sale price for the conditioner. (Pretty much buy one, get one free scenario)
  • I also had extra toothpaste coupons which was perfect because check out the toothpastes I scored. They also have $10-$13 of coupons in each package plus floss + travel size toothpaste or mouthwash. So I bought an extra package of toothpaste simply for the coupons. (haha)
  • Go into the store BEFORE you go in with your coupons so you know what the prices are of everything
  • Read ALL the fine print. I found myself at walmart thinking I was getting a steal of a deal and making money on cleansing bars by neutrogena + aveeno only to re-read my coupon and see that the item I was stocking up on was on the excluded list:/ Oh that little fine print.
  • I DID go in with my shopping list and I wrote out everything I had coupons for those items BUT…
  • I did NOT know the actual price of all these items. This is very important. Seems simple enough, but I neglected to do it on all my items.


What I got on this trip:I bought less than I had intended + I also bought more products that I intended because of some of the deals I got.

Price before coupons: $32

Total saved: $12.83

Total percentage saved: approx. 40%

I was hoping for something grander than that but I have to say I am happy with what I got, it was all on my list. But I will be going back to the store when the shelves are re-filled to get the rest of the items on my list that where either free or under $.50ea.

Feminine Products total paid: $5 | Saved $4.00

Shampoo: Paid $4 | Saved 3.00

Hair Spray + Acne Medication were both half priced after coupons

Toothpaste I didn’t save all that much using only .75c coupons BUT they were a good investment with the coupons I got from both of them plus the free products inside.

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