The ache for 2012

It is that ache in your heart to see whats within you released. To see the dream made manifest. To see the picture in your imagination on paper… This is what my heart aches for… Praying 2012 is the year of just that.

That 2012 would be: The longing of my heart made manifest.

There are so many dreams within my heart that I cannot bare to hold in any longer.

Tears escape from my eyes as each one waits a little longer.

Some know there time is coming soon, drawing near.

Other dreams I am unsure of just how to execute them…

It is an ache, a longing for more than what is before me. To release that which has been given to me. A gift, a song, a picture. Oh to be all that we are called to be. This is my desire. 2012 do not disappoint.

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