One year later.

Today I am reminiscing on one year ago and the amazing men and women the Lord put in my life when I did the OneThing internship {July 2010- December 2010).

I am reaping from that which I sowed one year ago. The tears, the fears that I let go, the surrender, the sleepless nights…No one quite understands what going through the internship is like unless you have done it. So many of us came into internship needing a touch, needing to be revived, to be reminded of our first love, needing to face our reality. I went in desperately wanting a real touch from the Lord. The internship {for those who have not followed my blog} is designed to put you in the the position to sit before the Lord 5-12 hours a day after taking a class on topics such as End Times, Intimacy with Jesus, Revival… It gives you the ability to talk with him, to pray with Him, to worship Him longer than most people will ever do daily without being in a house of prayer. In this time you find yourself {or at least I did;} facing a decision will you continue to believe the lies the enemy has spoken over you, or will you take the truths that your first love speaks over you?

I found myself in the furnace of His love letting go of each and every dream- all for His love. It was the best of times. Yes, even the surrender. Because to surrender is to show you trust the one you are surrendering to, that they will be faithful to there word. This year I have been seeing the fruit of the surrender to His perfect timing, to His will. The cries in my heart God heard. He never once turned his gaze from me, he heard every word that came from my lips and my heart. Even in my unbelief, even in my unknowing of how he would accomplish that which He said He would, He is doing each and everyday working everything for Good.

Today I take a moment to thank God for those who He has brought into my life over the last year. My fellow interns have changed my life and continue to everyday. God put us all together for a time such as this. He knew where we needed to be loved, pushed, stretched, disciplined and He brought just the right people in our lives to do just that! To all my OTI family I love you, let us NEVER forget how far the Lord has brought each and everyone of us even if you cannot see it today or tomorrow let us hold fast to the truth of Gods nature that He has never led us astray nor will He ever. Whether in the wilderness or under the apple tree His goodness abounds. I love you all. Let us all give thanks for the amazing work He has done, and furthermore for His unending love that is never dependent upon our faithfulness to him.

My roomies

“For such a time as this” God put us together

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