God changes.

God is always changing me, forming me, shaping me, molding me into the image of Him. But how God changes is not how man changes. Mans ways are ever fleeting, ever changing trying to keep up with the pace of life. Where as God stays at one pace unafraid that something greater may come along, he stands strong on the words he spoke thousands of years ago knowing that when He speaks life happens. God is not intimidated by speakers who may have the potential to have a larger following, nor does the latest model concern him as to whether He will still be all glorious and still seen as beautiful . God is the standard for all things. So many times we try and fit Him in our box of what life will look like, how much money we will make, how many kids we will have, the house we will own and so on. Yet God looks inward at the heart, He desires change there first and foremost. He is not afraid to offend knowing that it can bring forth great fruit. He is not afraid to kneel down and love on the sickest of the sick, the poorest of the poor. Jesus is not afraid to love. If then I being a christian should follow Jesus I should never the changes which God is continually working out in me. For they are all done with one word in mind.


Gods way of changing is through love. He is love.

Real change starts from the inside. It then flourishes to a point in which it cannot be contained within and bursts forth manifesting itself on the outside. But when it has burst forth nothing can contain it, all can see its glory. Love radiating forth from a human body- let love have its perfect way in you. Right here + right now.

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