Is not life more than things?


As of late I have found myself tired, almost exhausted. I have been so blessed have the opportunity to work 40-50 hour weeks between my two jobs. I found myself last night laying in bed praying to God telling him I have to much on my plate, and I needed His guidance as to what should stay and what should go.

Then tonight I nannied a family I have never met before and my life was changed. It felt almost like a slap in the face. They lived on the bare necessities, if even that. They had saved up to be able to hire a nanny and go out to eat at one of the fanciest restaurants in town. As I sat there on there living room floor with my arms outstretched while the youngest of the three girls ran towards me with a big smile just waiting for me to catch her and tickle her something in me clicked. Who cares if they didn’t own a couch, or more than one board game. What life comes down to is not things. Yes it is easy to say, it is easy to preach especially when you have access to things 24/7. I have lived that. I have been one who said life was more than things, but I am now realizing I didn’t quite grasp it all to well. Living without “things” that some deem as necessary is possible. It is not some huge stretch really. Which makes me wonder besides love what is necessary? What is needed? Is not love the greatest gift one can give?

  My heart posture is what the Lord wanted to change when I gave him permission last night in prayer He revealed this to me today. It was not my circumstances that needed to change, it was how I looked at them. God always wants to dig deeper, to the root issue. And praise God He does, where I prayed telling God instead of asking God what was wrong in my heart He graciously heard my prayer, saw my willing heart and showed me what it was that needed to change.

my heart.

Thank you God for always answering prayer though its not always as we would expect, if ever it is always perfect in its timing and its ways.

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