Is it really that time?

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I have this love for fall. It is a sentimental time. Its about pumpkin spice candles, coffee + tea being consumed at least 3 times a day, its about fuzzy blankets wrapped up around you {or a heater positioned next to you – like right now ;} This summer + fall has been different though. Summer, when I was in WA seemed much more like fall weather. Then when it was hot in WA I was gone traveling the country getting my own taste of a HOT summer. Now that fall is here I am spending half of the month in 70-80 degree weather. Yet its still fall…its kinda like this season of life that I am in. While my surroundings look nothing like what this season is suppose to look like, I am still in the correct season – mainly cause life goes on and fall always comes after summer;) Make any sense? No? If this still makes no sense, sorry. haha. I can imagine my friend Zita shaking her head laughing. Okay I think my point is, even though life may not look like “its suppose too”, it is still glorious + it is life + I am alive.

With that said, I am ready for some change. I am ready for refreshment. SO THANKFUL to be headed on vacation next week, white sandy beaches, surfing, running in the beautiful sun. I think I may have a permanent smile after this trip. I am not enjoying my lack of writing on this blog, I love the ability to reach people that I otherwise would never meet and be able to share my life and the lessons I have learned along the way with the hope that another can learn, glean from my personal journey. I am working on sorting out what in my life needs to go, and what needs to have more time devoted to it…my blog is definitely one of those that needs MORE time dedicated to it.

Until then. Sleep is on the important list of things to do. Goodnight all.

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