It started with …


It started with a chat on facebook. Reminiscing about our time together in the internship, about where the Lord is taking us in life. When I told her “I want to live with you for a month before I get married.”  She agreed this would be a good idea. Less than a month later we decided lets do just that. Not in your typical lets be roomies and move to the same state, but more like lets be roomies by going on a road trip around the United States. You see I told myself before I married I wanted to do some things, while I was still single I wanted to experience life in a way I had only dreamed of. On the road, meeting strangers, praying with them, taking pictures, letting the wind go through my hair with no worries of tomorrow only completely focused on the moment that was right there in front of me.

God hears our prayers. In fact I believe it is a desire the Lord put in me to travel. And in this season I am doing it with an amazing friend of mine, Risa. Her name means laughter. And if you know her you know she lives up to it. Loud laughter and dancing always happens when she is around. She reminds me to live in the moment, to throw your head back {literally} and just BE. This trip I know will mark me, I know that this trip is more than just a road trip but the Lord desires to do something even greater. I know I will come back changed, I know I will leave changed. Deep within me I know that this is somehow the answer to prayers I’ve prayed. So I rest in knowing God is good, he knows what He is doing. So in less than a week I will pick up Risa from the airport and we will begin this journey together. What will happen after the road trip, I think…I know God has a few ‘suprises’ and long coming prayers he is answering. 2011 has been a year of miracles for me. And I expect nothing less for the remainder of the year.

So here is to life. Here is to love.

Both of which I desire to live more fully.

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