My heart…


My heart…it burns. it yearns to know. it aches to see. oh that I would be released to expierence what it is I have been called to see, to do, to be. Yet waiting, anticipating I sit. My heart aches. It yearns to know. My mind racing trying to find its way through this maze, trying to find the answer, trying to do the math. As if I can solve the issue. As if I can know it all. What is this that makes my heart burn.

It is you.

to know you .

to trust you.


continue to awake love within me. That I would not stop searching for you until I have found you. For I will lay aside every weight, I will strip off the old woman, I will carry the cross, I will surrender it all to you. Just for the promise of dwelling with you. Here, Now, and forever. Let my heart never stop burning, let the ache never leave until you have all of me. I am forever yours.

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