Image bearer of Christ



Yes you.

I wanted to tell you something.




What is your first response when this is said? I hope that pride and false humility do not find there way into your hearts when I write this. Some of your responses may be, ‘I know I am beautiful’, or maybe you don’t believe it and are thinking- ‘you don’t know what I look like, you don’t know what Ive done’. But let me tell you something. Our beauty is because of, and made possible by ONE thing. It is because of ONE thing that we are beautiful. It is because:

We are image bearers of Christ.

This is our calling. THIS is our destiny. If you are looking, searching for who you were created to be. You can stop now and rest in this. You were created to be an image bearer of Christ. No longer are you to emulate the world. Forget what they have said is perfection {for only one man is perfect}, and forget what they say will captivate mens attention. For it is one man’s attention that you should focus upon.  Because when you do, all else will fade away. Lock eyes with the one who gave you life and you will see the very meaning of life. Stare into the eyes of beauty. And might I add His eyes are always on you. No longer do you have to wonder if anyone desires you, if anyone is looking at you, if anyone see’s you.

Because you are seen, you are desired, you are looked at.

I don’t know about you but this literally makes my heart skip a beat. The King of Glory gazes upon me, waiting for each and every moment when I acknowledge He is there. It is that glimpse, it is that reach deep within my heart that He longs for to be extended towards Him.  You see, if you begin searching {consciously, or sub-consciously} for acceptance, for understanding of what your purpose is here on earth in the things of this world {ie: television, magazines, media not glorifying Jesus…} you will find yourself going in a circle, in a perpetual race to be the best, to perform until your so called mission is complete {ie: the perfect body, the career, the model-esque looking spouse}. I can say from past experience this ‘rat race’ to become the best doesn’t end well unless you surrender all your ambition to exalt your name over His to the cross. When you are seeking the worlds acceptance over walking out life the way God intended it to be you are guaranteed to find yourself in disappointment, anger, misunderstanding, jealousy.

You reap what you sow.

If you are sowing your time and money into the the world. You will reap the fruit of the world. BUT if you sow into the word of God, if you seek, if you reach for the King of Kings and desire to know His beauty above all else then and only then will you find peace, trust, assurance that this life is worth it all. That you have a real worth that cannot be changed like the trends and fads of this world.

We are to mirror Christ. We are to be a reflection of Him in all we do. How we talk, how we write, how we sing, how we dress, how we use our time. Our worth is not, and cannot be determined upon our ability to be ‘perfect’. Only one man fits that. There was only ONE man who showed mercy to all, forgave all, who never once sinned. Jesus. It is because of the work He did on Calvary that I have worth as a princess. It is because of Him, through Him that I am a daughter of Christ. That I will one day be reunited with my creator, my savior, my beloved.

{With this all being said, let me make it clear that I am not saying that media, or magazines are bad. Media and magazines typically are at the top of the list for women. It is when ANYTHING is exalted above Jesus and He no longer has precedence in your life. That is sin. }


Kymberly Janelle

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