The Purse} Finding God in the day to day

{yes that is the young girl in the story. Doesn’t that smile melt your heart}

I work as a nanny. Working with children is like being given the fathers heart for a child which you yourself have not born. Yesterday I stumbled upon a principle of Gods love in an everyday situation with one of the girls I nanny. It was the simplest of scenarios, but I believe when you ask God to reveal Himself that is where He does it. In the everyday, in the so-called mundane of life. If you don’t stop and breathe for a moment you may just miss the amazing oppurtunity to love, to see love flourishing right before your eyes, and in your very heart.

I was sitting on the couch and needed something from my purse. I knew the young girl loved being able to help me get things; especially my purse, so I asked her if she would get it for me. As she did I affirmed her that she was so strong to be able to get it and when she brought it all the way to me I thanked her for doing so.

Now, was I unable to get my purse? No. But I knew the joy that it brought this young girl and out of the overflow of love that I have for her I wanted to partner with her to get accomplished what I needed. I love seeing her face light up when I ask her to help me with things. Additionally, by this young girl getting my purse for me did she gain anymore of my love? Was she able to prove her worth through this task? NO WAY. I love her. How well she did it was not the point. Being older, and taller I automatically have the advantage of being able to do a “better job” at this task than her no matter what. I was not grading her on how well she did it.That was not the point. The point was partnering with this girl whom I love to accomplish what I need but moreover bringing joy to her and being able to affirm her in her abilities.

After she brought me the purse it dawned on me, what a beautiful representation of the love that Father God has towards you, towards me, towards each and everyone of His children. He chooses to partner with us not based on need. But out of the overflow of His heart. He desires partnership, relationship. Those tasks that I do, He knows I may very well fail. But he see’s the excitement it brings me to do it. He also sees the frustration, and doubt that may arise while doing the task. But being Abba God He knows that it can be done. My heavenly father is not surprised when I “mess up” or when I don’t quite make the mark. He knows what is required. He knows the end from the beginning. There is no surprising God.

My prayer is that today you too would see God in the everyday. Because He is there. He is at work within you, He is reaching for you.



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