{Who am I living for?}

This question plagues me.

Who am I living for?

Where does selflessness fit into my lifestyle. {Hint: Selflessness doesn’t ‘fit in’. It requires all} What about surrender? How have I made a way for His kingdom to come and His will to be done in my life? Or am I holding on to MY dreams, MY hopes?

The goals in my life, what do they help gain? Financial gain for self? Self promotion? Comfort? Why do I want to do what I want to do?

Whose voice am I listening to? The reasoning voice of the world, justifying selfishness and comfort? Or the the voice of the selfless lover who just so happens to be the King of Kings who came humbly to the world as a baby?

What do I truly view as most important in my life?

“If I have not love, I have nothing”

Am I ignoring His call on my life because I think I have it all figured it out? Do I truly believe God is who He says He is? So many questions to ask myself. Maybe you to have asked yourself these questions as well. There questions I think we all need to ask ourselves. When I go to be with God, I don’t want to realize I wasted my life for selfish gain. I would rather ‘waste’ my life in total abandonment to Gods call on my life. Whether I think it makes any sense at all.

Do we dare sacrifice ALL for His sake.

Do we dare trust Him & the words He spoke thousands of years ago?

Do we dare believe?

I don’t know about you, but I am on a journey to do just that. That my life would be a sweet offering unto the Lord. It requires every last part of self to die to a greater purpose than my mind can comprehend. Guess thats why its called living in faith after all 😉




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