{Beach Day}

Today was a beach day.

I forgot what it felt like to to do NOTHING. To have no agenda in going somewhere. But today, I re-discovered that bliss. And oh does it feel amazing!! As I pulled into my parking spot I just smiled. BIG. Not because I just saw someone, not because of any reason but I was at the beach.

I parked. and just sat there in my car and stared out. I was in heaven. Now granted this is the pnw and my heaven was really less than 50 degrees, but there is water, and some sand. So im good:)

The thing I like about the beach is how it is such an invitation to just BE. Unless your a crabber or a fisher you don’t go with a job to do.

You go to relax, to laugh, to join around a campfire, lay in the sun…I like it. I took my time. Watched as old men dug for crabs, little kids flew kites, tour buses drove by…I just peacefully walked along the beach and snapped pictures just because I could. I would stop at random shells

and holes

and wonder who made it…Apparently this is what I do when I do ‘nothing’. It was wonderful! I highly suggest it. If beaches are your thing. The City use to be my thing, don’t get me wrong. I LOVE sky scrapers, downtown, lights, the busyness. But I LOVE the beach. Sand, Sun, Water. Im there.

Yes those are my red toms peeking in picture.

This big trunk has been here for years. Decades really.

This big Tree has also been here for decades, as me, my brother and cousins would climb all over this every summer when we were younger. Good memories.

This was my beach day. Today was more than I could have asked for. Oh and before all this I took pictures of a friends beautiful new baby girl and her daughter who I use to nanny. Here are a couple pictures from that:



Kymberly Janelle

2 thoughts on “{Beach Day}

    1. Mama. D.

      haha! Funny thing is when I was taking pictures today I thought of your post at the beach and was wondering if maybe thats were you took pictures.
      Love that tree trunk! We have pictures from over the years of me and family climbing it.

      Think maybe you could share ‘your’ beach 😉 every once in awhile ?

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