Young Photographers. Failure. & Everything else.

Today I just kept ‘happening’ to come upon young photographers. I mean young,  not like 20 year old young, I mean 15 years old. And there amazing. As in, I want to be that good amazing who credit JESUS as the giver of there talent. Today I was blown away and wanted to share a couple of these young photographers work. Maybe you live near them and could give them some business, or maybe this will inspire you like it did me.

Pastor’s Girl’s Ponderings

EAK Photography

Allie Photography

Elyssa’s Photography

Each time I take pictures, whether it be for my portfolio or to simply practice I go through the same process. Insert memory card into computer, check how many pictures I took, rate the ones I want to edit, and begin editing. This is were the not literal hair pulling comes. Between inserting memory card and sending off pictures to the family I have hundreds, thousands of thoughts. Good, bad, horrible, happy, its all thrown in. I stare at the pictures, then stare some more trying to figure out if there good enough. Then I realize I need to let go of the “good enough” and just practice some more cause there is no harm in that.

You also come to this point were you know there will always be someone better than you. In the photography industry there are hundreds, thousands better than you. But do you not start something because of that? At what point is it fear of failure or wisdom to not jump, to take the leap. Im not quite sure myself. I have my own personal goals. Goals that I made up, goals that I think sounds good. Yes, this is were you would insert the :me me me me me: But there is someones wisdom that is WAY better than my ideas of how life would look best. Gods. So I practice & I wait.

On to my next topic.

I read this blog entry HERE which is such a good reminder. I love reading blogs, I have a good 25 blogs that I check daily with the help of BLOGLOVIN I highly recommend it if you read more than 5 blogs a day. It tracks them, shows you the updates and all you have to do is click. Its GENIUS! Anyways, back to what I was saying. With loving to read blogs I have to be careful to not get caught up in thinking that there lives are perfect, with all the beautiful pictures, the friends they talk about hanging out with, the things they buy, the houses they decorate, the children they save…In my eyes its like a celebrity magazine of sorts. If were not careful we can put others up on pedestals idolizing there life/lifestyle…yah, thats all on that topic. thoughts?





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