Well this blog is called “Life with kymberly janelle” yet I have never actually blogged a day in the life of me, Kymberly Janelle. So I thought why not today? Its either gonna be an epic bore to you, or interesting. Here’s to hoping its the second one. I may do this a couple more times, or never again. Who knows. So here it is.

Wake up at 7:20am randomly without alarm clock. Check phone. Message from Boss, Yes my wallet is at there house. But I have to be there in 40 mins to pick it up {fiy: bosses house is 35 mins away} because there leaving town in 40 mins.

Drive to Boss’s house {35 mins away} @ 7:25 am to pick up my wallet I accidently left there. {Mind you I just about ran out the door, no coffee, no breakfast. But my camelbak waterbottle filled up: }

Quick run to Wallyworld to successfully purchase the right motor oil for my car after miraculously understanding my younger brothers not so clean handwriting. Grab a couple paint color samples for office im getting in June.

Come home @ 9am. Pour big cup of coffee. Grab a couple pieces of fresh pineapple. Go to my room. Log in online, ready to start the day. Yet Exhausted.  Open internet, open a couple tabs {5 to be exact} Gmail, Facebook, Bloglovin, Bible Gateway, IHOP-KC Prayer Room Webstream {Why yes I do enjoy multi-tasking}.

By 9:32 am to be exact I am beginning to wake up more. Reading some of my favorite blogs, listening to ihop-kc prayer room. Brainstorming ideas for photography. Today I will be ‘stuck’ at home since my brother will be working on my car.

By 9:38am Im up to 8 tabs open on my internet.

10:15am: Get a text from brother saying he is sick. He will fix car next week. Now I have my car available.

11:04am: Shower. Check. Snack of Kids Cliff Bar & 1/2 banana & fill out camelbak waterbottle again. Update FB status to let everyone know im available this weekend to practice taking pictures {2 people respond right away. YAY!} Send off a few emails as I start to plan next weekend. Snap a few pictures with my new 8GB SanDisk Extreme Memory Card.

12:18pm: Wind & Rain beating at my door. Realizing its about that time to eat lunch. Getting lost in . Go into kitchen make a lean cuisine, hot mocha, fill up camelbak water bottle yet again. Snap a few more pictures. Dwell on how at peace I am with life and were I am. Think about how this 50mm 1.8 lens my friend is letting me borrow has got to be the best lens’ ever. Plug in my scentsy nightlight I got for christmas {Room now smells incredible}

1pm: Send my grandmother an email to see if she could make me one of these: Camera Strap Cover. Check out for some damask print fabric. Discover several new blogs, Add them to my blogroll. Notice its 1:23. Thats fun. Turn ihop-kc prayer room back on {Joanna May Solo Devo set. Score!} Contemplate going thrift shopping in the rain. Contemplate starting gym membership.

1:52pm: Cough Drop. Make To-Do List for the weekend. Pay Credit Card Bill. Check out Mars Hill Blog. Make a note to visit MH. Mapquest MH.

2:38pm: Refill waterbottle yet again {Im fighting a cold, and my body feels as though I haven’t drank water in years}. Make online wish list at B&H Photo Video .

2:55pm: Grandma writes me back Yes she will make me a camera strap cover. SCORE! Design Camera Strap Cover.

3:38pm: Put up picture from modeling portfolio only to discover its crooked. Debate if I wanna fix it. Choose to fix it.

4pm: Fill up waterbottle yet again. Make some peppermint tea. Listen to Pre-Service Worship online @ IHOP-KC & Read the Word, Romans to be exact. Do a word study on Hope.

5pm: Listening to message by Bill Johnson of Bethel Church in Redding, CA on about developing a strong spirit.

5:30pm: Make a potato & egg scramble, Hash Brown for dinner. Text a friend about church tomorrow. She convinces me to stop watching message come to the prayer center for live worship. I agree to come.

6pm: Worship for an hour with friends at Prayer Center

7pm: Talk with my dear friend Emily Joy {one of my roommates from internship} for an hour

8pm: Do errands. Head home

8:30pm: Home. Make hot cocoa. Edit Pictures.


And thats a wrap for today…

Tally at the end of the day of water was over 100fl oz. I don’t know if I have ever drank so much. But my body feels better than it did at the beginning. It was kind of fun documenting everything I did.

Have a great rest of the weekend!


2 thoughts on “Saturday.

  1. Kymberly
    I just wanted to write you and say thank you again for the night stand. Its perfect to hold a few things and keeps Ella (pup) from getting to them! And I just wanted to say I love when people write about their day 🙂 Keep it up and happy photographing!

    1. So glad it worked out!
      && thanks. Its kinda fun blogging about my day. Helps me to keep tabs on what Im doing as well. I think I will do it again in the near future

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