{Calling me to the Mountaintop}

I wrote this in October, as I felt the Lord beckoning me to surrender all I knew and follow Him in a new journey/season.

Eternal one
your calling me away
to the mountaintop
your leading me away
from familiarity
to the unknown
there at the peak you dwell
emotions run wild within me
without you i cannot make this journey
you said to bring nothing but this heart within me
that it would get me through
the rain, the storms, the hail
that through the sleepless nights trekking up the mountain you would sustain me
in the daytime when the sun beats down on me
and the creatures surrounding dont want me traveling near them
you will surround me and keep me safe
this journey you said you would always be with me
but I wouldnt always see you
its the assurance of my beating heart that you are near

Eternal one
your calling me away
this is the journey of a lifetime
this is not a some day
it is today
youve asked me to surrender all
to let go of it all
the whispers of fear ask me what will happen if you let go of it all
it may never come back
what promise then do i have of a future
you have promised love
that is all my heart could ask for
its time to upack for the journey.
surrender is awaiting me
strength is at my beckon call
grace is pouring from your lips
this journey, you ask of me
requires all that i am

I feel a strong hand slip into mine and a still voice says’whenever your ready im here’
whenever your ready im here to show you what I have for you
Come away with me unto the mountaintop
danger lurks at every corner if you get off the narrow path
and men stand ready to snatch you away if your eyes are not focused on me at the top
but if you keep your eyes on me
and follow the tracks i left for you
listen to my voice beating inside your heart
and you will attain the prize
you will make it
do not stop and rest in the caves as the men along the trails will suggest
keep your eyes focused on me
never forget the sound of my voice
there are many voices on the side of path that will suggest shortcuts and want to sell you things to make the journey less painful and not so hard
but you are to not bring money
bring nothing with you but what Ive given you
you may see others walking on the same path
but for now its time to walk alone
they too need to focus on my voice,
on what i look like
you must cling to the words ive taught you over the years
this one book I give you to remind you of who i am on the journey
remember my promises and my mercy
remember my unfailing love
remember me
he takes my hand and puts in on his heart
I feel his heart beating its like a dance on the inside of him
its as though all of heaven and earth every creature is within him singing dancing there is life pouring forth
dont forget the sound of my heartbeat
i always see you
i will be watching you the entire way up the mountain
you may not always see me
as the path is narrow and less traveled
but i promise i hear you
i always hear you
remember my faithfullness
ive heard your every cry and kept every tear
ive bottled them up
when the sun shines remember me
that my face shines upon you
when the rain falls remember me
that i have washed you clean
no matter how dirty you may feel in this journey
i see you as clean
my voice is the only one that matters
dont listen to the screaming of the jealous one along the road
he wants what you have
for you to choose the wide path to destruction
focus on me

he turns me to look at him in his eyes
I see eternity before my eyes
pools of blue waters appear in his eyes
I see something in them
a glimpse of me and him
Me crying and him sitting next to me crying out to his father to have mercy upon me
another image of me and him this time i am walking down a street completely ignorant that he is walking beside me
my life flashes before me in these eyes of His
He remembers all
He sees all
He saw it all
He has not forgotten one day that i have lived
He then puts his hand in my hand again and begins to walk me to the base of the mountain
I have taught you over the years
I will be awaiting you at the top
remember the words I have spoken to you
cling tightly to all I have said and showed you over the years
you know what to do
remember me



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