Vision is the governor of our heart, time, energy. Without vision boredom and idleness strikes. No one likes to be bored, we were not created to be bored, we were created to be fascinated! So when people find themselves feeling bored they will find something to do. Its simple. Bored. Find something to do. It’s what that something is that determines our dedication to our life vision, or lack thereof.
Most people have all heard this, and sometimes said it themselves:
“What do you wanna do?” “I dunno what do you wanna do?” …
It is in those moment that sin slips much easier undetected if that person lacks vision for there life. How? Because without vision there is a lack of boundaries. When people have a vision for there life they have a {mental or physical} list of what it will take to accomplish that vision. Within that plan they make boundaries of what they will and will not do to make sure that they don’t come off track. For example, an olympic athlete has to train; and not just for an hour a day but hours. With that they have to say no to hanging out with people, they will miss opportunities to hang out with people. They will have to say no to going out late at night so they don’t miss there early morning training session. They are allowing there vision to restrain them in a healthy way.
As Christians we must find our vision within God. To keep that vision we will have to pay costs to keep our heart before God. To not hand it out to the next passerby who shows interest, or to the lusts of this age. We are called to give ourselves faithfully to this journey, this race called life.
Lord help me to cultivate relationship with you at a deeper level that I would find vision IN you for my life and refrain from lesser pleasures for the sake of obtaining the fullness of which you have for me in this age and the age to come.

“Without vision people perish, without dreams hearts die”




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