{Gods Provision}

This is an excerpt from my last monthly newsletter I sent out.  I also posted this on facebook. But I thought I would post this here on my blog as well, hopefully it will encourage some of you and give you a little more insight into what living on a mission base looks like.

I thought I would talk a bit about what its like to live here on a mission base. There are over 80 ministries that are apart of/under the International House of Prayer name. They range from an adoption agency,worship teams (keeping the 24/7 worship going), 4 internships, bible university, outreach to feeding & clothing the poor, the list goes on…The enviroment here, is one of pure LOVE. It is not strange or out of place to have a total stranger ask if they could pray for you, or give you something (An hour ago from writing this a fellow intern came to me and told me how she needed a soda because her stomach wasnt feeling good, so she asked a friend for the money to buy one, she then went to the vending machine were a lady(who she didnt know) was standing at the vending machine she had just bought a sprite and asked my friend if she would like iit, my friend said YES of course;). And just 30 mins ago another intern who’s my roommate just had someone come up and gave her $40.The lifestyle here revolves around sermon on the mount {Matthew 5}.Its unlike anything I have ever experienced. Those living here are raising their own support, there are the rare few who receive a work scholarship (typically office jobs).

The main focus of the Mission Base is keeping the 24/7 prayer & worship going. The missionaries here are called ‘intercessory missionaries’ meaning they not only do works of justice but they are coupling it with intercession (a big word for prayer).It’s like a double whammy here, they are not only doing works of justice,but they are also worshipping & praying to God for him to bring justice, and save people (from sex slave trade, addictions…). Its amazing!Gods FAITHFUL provision There is a real grace here at the IHOP-KC for Gods ABUNDANT provision.

I wanted to share with you just some of the amazing testimonies just within my core group. Maybe there are those of you who are needing finances, and/or trusting God to take care of some financial issues. These REAL stories are sure to build faith.So onto the testimonies. Two girls in my core group came to internship without the internship being completely paid off. 2.5 weeks before the money was due our core leader broke the news to them that both of there internships had been TOTALLY paid for. That’s over $8000 between the two of them! Someone, some where decided to pay for them! On top of there internships being paid for people were coming up to them & mailing them hundreds of dollars at a time.Being here at internship I have had two times were people have either come up and given me money or I have found money in my purse that was not there before. One of my roommates Emily was sent over$600 in checks in the mail within one week, 2 weeks after receiving the money her car broke down and she had to take it in the shop, it cost over $400 fix it. Talk about perfect timing! Towards the end of September I felt like the Lord was asking me are you willing leave everything behind? & can you trust me up the last minute? In Him asking these questions I found myself Wondering if I would be able to raise funds as a missionary,have enough food to eat, a place to live…We are all familiar with the list of needs that every human has. That same day I found myself questioning these things I received a package with airborne that I was needing(from a family member who had no knowledge that I needed them), later that day an intern handed me 2 boxes worth of my favorite snack bars, the next day I received $50 in the mail, and the day after that I was given 10 of my favorite yogurts (all which I needed, the cafeteria provides meals but no snacks to interns) Several weeks later I realized I didnt have any winter boots or any waterproof shoes for the rainy days here. Within the week someone here gave me both boots & shoes in almost brand new condition.After these ‘little’ reminders from God I was reminded how faithful He is to His word. He will always watch over me and keep me!God not only provides, but He provides abundantly.Living here on the Mission Base I here stories almost weekly about the amazing provision people expeirence.Everyone has a story here that will amaze you, from people packing up everything they have and moving here without a place to live, to people being given brand new cars, to being given a place to live.My faith is slowly but surely increasing that God is faithful to His promise that I will never be in want. How can it not in an environment like this?


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