{Opening the Door}


Do we dare open the door of possibilities? When people have lived in self preservation mode for so long dreaming becomes something of the past. The unknown. To open the door to dreaming means the possibility of falling flat on ones face, of failing, horribly. It also has the possibility of taking off like you never imagined. What is life to us? Is it a way of getting by? Or are we actually challenging ourselves to live life to the fullest? Are we allowing the same old same old to continue and making the occasional complaint about complacency only to continue in the same path. Do we dare stretch ourselves to see how far we can go. Something I’ve learned in weakness that I believe can apply to the opposite, strength is that in weakness we have to lean on God, allow Him to be himself so that His strength may arise in us. As humans our strength and zeal only takes us so far. But when we abide in His strength the possibilities are endless. when we let go and let God we really have no idea were it could take us. But up.
Success in Gods eye is if we are able to recieve and pour out love upon others (Him, first and foremost). ITS ALL ABOUT LOVE. Sometimes to allow God to love us it affects our family, schooling, and work. Sometimes He asks us to let go of all that we were doing to do something else. Othertimes he asks us to pick up things that scare us, that we may see ourselves fit to do or to be. But who would know better than the creator of the heaven and earth, the stars, of my very heart what would make me come alive most IN HIM not in my pride, not in my selfishness. The one who created the very things I marvel at and pray for created them. Fear of the unknown is simply a lie that God doesnt want the best for us, that He isnt good. But the truth is all good things come from God.


{Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.}

James 1:17




One thought on “{Opening the Door}

  1. I truly enjoyed the read and this line “But when we abide in His strength the possibilities are endless. when we let go and let God we really have no idea were it could take us. But up” really stand out to me.

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