{The perfect rainy day}


rain patterning on the window


new favorite black circle scarf from Forever 21


yummy tomato soup


The perfect rainy day


What else is one to do on a rainy day in the midwest but grab your umbrella make the 100 yard trek to the cafe, grab a seat at an empty table and flip open your laptop and blog? As far as I am concerned, there’s nothing better. So here I am. Sitting at a table, while the glorious smell of coffee fills my senses, laughter breaks out around me and the door constantly opens and closes to those wanting out of the cool weather. Oh how I love rainy days. Whether in the northwest or the midwest, I am a fan so much so I ask for them. I told my roommate last night I had been praying for a rainy day with thunderstorms so she may wanna carry your umbrella around. Sure enough last night it started raining and today its continuing. Maybe it was suppose to already rain, maybe it wasn’t, all I know is my last day of break is a rainy day. Just how I wanted it 🙂

There is something relaxing about rainy days. You don’t feel guilty for staying inside the cafe all day like you may on a sunny summery day. People tend to congregate in the coffeeshop more on rainy days anyways, which means more oppurtunities for strangers to become friends. For stories to be told, for encouragement to be exchanged, for smiles and glances to be given. Its the best!
Today is my last day of our 5 day break here at the internship. Later today I will be found passenger seat of my roomies car driving down highway passing kansas city downtown to pick up one of our roommates who is just getting back tonight. I agreed to go with her purely because I love mini road trips in the rain. (I told you I like the rain).
Rainy days here aren’t quite like rainy days in the Northwest, for one thing when I look out over the landscape there is no ocean to be seen, and the colors of the leaves do not exude the same vibrant colors as those in the NW. The internet has been finicky to try and post this, but whos to complain. Its raining and I love the people here. Life is beautiful. Today is the perfect rainy day.




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