{Month Two Update}


I’m never quite sure what to write for monthly updates, there is so much that happens within one day. How I am suppose to have you grasp whats happening in the time span of a month I dont know. But I will attempt at painting a picture of what life here looks like.

The pool has officially closed, there is now a chill in the air and umbrellas are needed, the seasons are changing.   And it just so happens that the month two mark just passed this last week.  A new season has begun here at internship as well, with it brings a new class called ‘Intimacy with God’ (by far my favorite class so far) that Ron Downing is teaching, then Mike Bickle is teaching the Book of Joel, I am astounded how a book with 3 chapters could entail so much! I am so blessed to have teachers of the word who study it and meditate on it day and night and push me to do the same.

I am about to start to read the Seven Longings of the Heart by Mike Bickle (You can go to his website and get it for free!). We are also reading The Rewards of Fasting, and Passion of Jesus both by Mike Bickle.

2 months of being here equals out to approximately:

135+ hours in prayer room

4 papers

Read New Testament 1.5 times

Read book of revelation 9 times

2 evangelism events

more tears than I knew were possible

It has been the best 2 months of my life by far. I am in a place of such peace of knowing what I am called to do and be. It’s that rooted, unshakeable feeling that the word promises if we lean on Him and abide in Him. Letting God do the work, and me standing in agreement with His word for my life. Trusting that His leadership is perfect even when I cannot see, I cannot understand whats going on around me or in me. I am discovering the Kings jealous love for me, how he doesn’t desire sacrifice for the sake of sacrifice. He desires that I lay down all that hinders love.

This is my attempt of giving you a long story short of whats happening, hope you were able to grasp a little bit of were I am.

Peace & Hope.

Its available for all.



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