{Things ive learned}


Thought I would do a fun little post of the things I’ve learned in my first month here

  • Flies drive me crazy. And they are obbsessively here especially in cafe by the door.
  • I LOVE the humidity. With that said apparently im the only who does.
  • Driving a 15 passenger shuttle rocks
  • When you have free time, spend it with Jesus!
  • Patience & biting my tounge is way harder than I thought
  • I never realized how much I complained until our leaders challenged us to not complain or gossip
  • ANYTHING is possible with God. Including finding a quiet place during a worship set with hundreds of people praising the Lord
  • God is FAITHFUL in His promises.
  • Control is not an option
  • Running in humidity is way harder
  • Homemade croutons are amazing
  • I am in the only person here who seems to notice there is a sun out and its a GOOD thing. {I must be from washington}
  • If you have something in you saying to help another over serving yourself. Choose the first.
  • Working in a marketing office rocks. && it reminds me of how much i love Ikea
  • Missouri has no ikea!
  • Im definetly NOT in the downtown city. Im okay with that..for now.
  • Wondering when this camera of mine will actually be in my hands.
  • Wanting away from these flies. So I will be done.



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