Main Entry: 1bare

Pronunciation: \ˈber\

Function: adjective

1 a : lacking a natural, usual, or appropriate covering b (1) : lacking clothing <bare feet> (2) obsolete : bareheaded c : lacking any tool or weapon <opened the box with his bare hands>
2 : open to view :
exposed <laying bare their secrets>
3 a : unfurnished or scantily supplied <a bare room> b :
destitute <bare of all safeguards>
4 a : having nothing left over or added <the bare necessities of life> b :
mere <a bare two hours away> c : devoid of amplification or adornment <the bare facts>
5 obsolete


I have nothing to bring

yet you call out my name

desiring I come as I am

broken and scared

you desire my weak love

my unfaithful thoughts

you want all of me

Even in my unbelief

believing misery is my portion

you smile over me in all of this

you knew my weakness ‘s

before I even faced them

yet still you delighted in creating me

by grace you call me worthy of your love

you call me your delight

you call me your own

your daughter

I still have yet to grasp just what all this means

but as I allow myself to become more barren in your presense

the bandages I once put on my heart to stay safe

are slowly being pulled off with your love


its the condition I am in


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