{Faith: Cloudy with a Chance of Sight}


{Wrote this blog on thursday morning sitting in Registration}

As I was flying to Kansas City I found myself staring out the window (window seats are the best:) memorized by the clouds that we would fly in and out of.  I would be looking out and see clear blue skies, and then we would fly through the clouds I would be so overtaken in the pure whitness of the clouds surrounding me that it would become almost to bright to look at and would have to look away. During some of those times there would occasionally be some blue sky that would peek through, but because I was looking away I missed catching those glimpses. It reminded me of faith, of God, of our relationship with Him. Faith is not about sight, scripture clearly states that. Its not about whether we see Him, feel Him, or taste Him. While they are wonderful things to expierence from God it is not what makes or defines our relationship. Its about trusting that He is there even when we don’t expierence Him with our senses. Even when the world around us doesn’t seem to show theres a God watching over us, keeping us. When we are in situations that seem to blind us to seeing Him, when the world gets busy, when friends get you upset, when your job tells you they need to let you go, when your children are pushing you to your limits. KNOWING, TRUSTING that through those clouds of life He is there. That He is all around. One of my favorite songs is called “All Around Me”, by flyleaf (david crowder band does an awesome job on it too) I was playing this song on my ipod as I was staring out over the vastness of the heavens and was reminded of how the heavens simply cannot contain God, a cloud cannot contain God.

Cloudy with a Chance of Sight is how I see my relationship with abba. Sometimes when all we see around us is clouds (simply put: life happening) we turn away from God, away from His plans and try and figure out life on our own. Simply because we could not see Him. When we do this we not only miss out, but we are saying I don’t trust that you can take care of me. Think about that for a moment.

The creator of the stars

of the moon

How easily we forget that the God who tells the sun and moon to go up and down everyday, the creator who placed the stars in the sky so perfectly, the creator who makes the oceans go in and out
like clockworth. How is it that we forget this same creator, who formed us knows what He is doing. He has our lives all planned out, PERFECTLY. He came up with the idea of breathing, I think, I KNOW He can provide everything else for me…



One thought on “{Faith: Cloudy with a Chance of Sight}

  1. Thank you for sharing those thoughts! You are so right about God always being there even when we can’t see it. Sometimes trials come our way just to strengthen our faith in God, almost like giving us practice in trusting Him fully, without doubt, KNOWING that He will deliver us from trouble. It is so easy to forget and try to take on our problems ourselves. But when we do that, we only realize how much we need His help. I am grateful that God is always there to help a poor confused sinner like me.

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