“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the LORD.

{Isaiah 55:8}

Well the day is finally here. When I can say tomorrow I leave for Kansas City. What a journey it has been to get to this place; here, today, the day before I relocate to halfway across the United States. It has been a time of intense deep healing, breakthroughs, hurts, pains, joys, blessings, laughter, and tears. My socks have really been blown off by the Lord in the first half of this year in unexpected ways. Which brings me to my topic today.


When I applied to go into this internship I expected things to work a certain way, I expected to have certain breakthroughs at certain times. But none of my expectations came to pass. I expected that I would have to fundraise money, and ask people to help support me to get me to this internship. {Afterall I needed to raise over $7,000 within 3/4 months.} But I felt the Lords assurance that I was not to ask for money for this, that HE would provide, that HE would be enough. So as the months passed by I watched in amazement as my bank account grew and grew and grew by the grace of God. And before I knew it I had all the finances for internship.

Then there was my personal growth with the Lord, I had it all planned out in my head. It made the most sense to me that the Lord would prepare my heart in the months leading up to the internship and then do a deep work to heal some of the heart & worth issues I had been crying out for healing for. These were my expectations. Then a month ago the Lord rocked my socks and I found myself FREE from those very things I had expected the Lord to deal with while I was at the internship. I stood there almost confused, there I was free. So why did God want me to go to the internship? I had thought all along it was for healing. Somewere along the line I had forgotten the fundamental reason for life.


If my heart is open to healing, in agreement with the Word of God, its my belief He is going to move. He doesn’t want me in bondage, He wants all of me. He is a jealous God, He created me for His glory. He wants me living and breathing in HIM. Hence healing occurring. I had been praying for freedom, those around me had been agreeing with me in prayer with the word of God. And when we pray, especially the word of God THINGS HAPPEN.  Yet I had put expectations on how the Spirit of God would move in my life, I had decided that there was one reason for me to go to internship, and that was healing. I had submitted to my human minds comprehension of what I think is good for me, of what the perfect timing could look like. Well to say God blew my ideas and thinking outta the water is an understatement. So now after having gone through healing in some areas of my life I had really wanted to be done with I find myself looking at this internship in a whole new way.

Now it looks a little something like this.

I am moving to a new city.

I will be attending a new church.

Taking some classes on God.

Going to make some new friends.




Therefore its all guaranteed to work for my good.

Instead of banking on certain things happening

I choose to bank on God.

I choose to let God have his way.

Whatever it is.



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