Because He is a God who works miracles I must share of His goodness.

I recieved a large bonus at my last day of work yesterday.

Decided I wanted to upgrade which camera I wanted to buy.

Then made over $130 at Yard Sale today.

Which means….

Once the paypal donations go through I will be off to Best Buy to buy my camera!

Wow! Talk about an incredible thing the Lord has done. Within 3 weeks I discovered a passion I never knew I had, asked abba for the money, and then within a week of asking for money I have all $750+.  My favorite part of all this, it has NOTHING to do with me. It was all Jesus, I can’t keep quiet about it, everytime I shoot with people they are going to hear the story about the camera! Learning to let Abba have His way in my life and letting go of all control has been the most delightfully FREEING thing I have ever done. PRAISE GOD.


Also. 4 more days & Im off on a plane.

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