{Canon DSLR}

Photobucket2 weeks ago I picked up a friends camera and began taking pictures of the children at the party I was at. I was hooked from that moment on. Sure I had taken pictures with NICE cameras before, I had even shot senior pictures and engagement pictures. But it wasn’t a passion, it didn’t do to much for me, I actually didn’t ever understand why anyone would want to learn everything there is to learn on a camera and on photoshop. Until 2 weeks ago, it all clicked. Suddenly I wanted to know everything there was to learn on the camera, and I wanted to take pictures all day. Since then I have been doing my research, and about a week ago I got a word that I would get a camera before I left for IHOP or while I was there. I believed the word. Within a couple days I had a total stranger offer to pay for over half of the camera. Then several others came up with some more money towards camera fund. Friday I am having a fundraising Yard Sale were all funds will go towards camera. God has so abundantly been providing supernaturally for the things He is putting on my heart. Were I had no money for anything extra within 2 weeks I now almost have all the money.

So today I borrowed my dads camera and played around in the backyard of my work and snapped some shots. There is so much to learn about photography and post editing but I know Gods grace is more than enough in all things. Here are a couple shots from today:

This was my second time shooting kids with my dads camera.



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