{Last Couple Weeks}

Well its been a couple weeks since I have posted much on whats going on in my life.

2 weekends before Fathers Day we had family pictures taken at my favorite park here in the PNW.

It was alot of fun! Shoutout to John Debeeld for taking the pictures.


Brothers Official Graduation Ceremony

So proud of my ‘baby’ brother. He graduated last year, but the official ceremony happened yesterday. It was so great seeing him walk across the stage and then scream and shout for him of course;)


Baby Brother Engaged!!

This may possibly be the best news of this whole post. My baby (& only) brother is getting married to his beautiful fiance Kristen. And I couldn’t be happier. He has been so blessed to get engaged to His first serious girlfriend. They are so great for each other. And I get a sister:) So excited for there wedding next summer, praying I am around to attend.


My 24th Birthday!

Wohoo. Wow, 24. What an amazing last year I have had! While there have definitely been some hard times but they have been so worth it, I have experienced more growth and love in the last 6 months than I have in my entire lifetime! Praise God!

&& yes my belgian waffles were good, TOO good!


Fathers Day

I love you Daddy!! I am so blessed to have a daddy that loves the Lord with all his heart. And one that I can talk openly talk  to about what the Lord is doing in my life. I am so thankful for my praying family!


Children’s Photography.

At a friends engagement/wedding shower I picked up one of my friends camera’s and fell in love with taking pictures of children. I am officially hooked, I honestly feel like taking pictures of children is something the Lord is calling me too. So I have been asking the Lord to provide a camera for me and today someone offered to pay for half of it. Would you please pray that this is able to happen and that the rest of the finances for camera would come in? I recieved a word that I would get a camera before or while I was at IHOP and I believe the Lord is MORE than able. I do not have the finances for a camera, yet this is something that is so strong on my heart. I know this is the Lord wanting to show He is able! Would you consider being apart of this dream?


Dance Performance

The first weekend in June me and 3 other women performed a dance that I choreographed. What a stretching expierence for me. I felt so blessed that 3 other women of God would come alongside of me and take part in this dance. It was a blast!


Phew! And in 13 days I am headed off to Kansas City to reside for about 6 months for the Internship. I still have 1 more party, and 4 days of work left then its on a plane I go!



One thought on “{Last Couple Weeks}

  1. Hi,
    I hope you don’t mind me leaving you a comment. I noticed you have a heart for Him and are a follower of Katie Davis’ blog. I’m a 26 year old woman from England who has been called of God to become a Mama to many Ugandan children. I move to Uganda in January of next year and will be taking in children & loving them, just like Katie. I wondered if you might perhaps be interested in my blog. The link is:
    If you aren’t, please just ignore this message. 
    Have a lovely day!

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