{Happy Fathers Day}

Better late than never.

I had an amazing time today hanging out with a wonderful friend and sister in the Lord today who is setting off to Bethel Church (Redding, CA) 2 months after I leave for International House of Prayer, shes going through there schooling program while Im doing an internship. We got to talk about what the Lords doing in our hearts as were preparing for this new season, and my favorite, pray for each other and commission each other to these new places the Lord is sending both of us. Hence the post being ‘late’. It was so worth it.

The day did start and end with my physical abba today. Me and my mom made him his yearly breakfast in bed. Something I always enjoy! Breakfast in bed is the best!! To my amazing daddy who has a servants heart and a passionate heart to know God! I love having a father that I can talk to about anything God, and ask questions. Oh how blessed I am to have a father who finds His delight in the Lord! I love you daddy!!

xoxo your girl



One thought on “{Happy Fathers Day}

  1. I’m so excited for you, and a tinge jealous! You are destined for great things. Tell your friend to get to know Bill and Stephanie Jones while she is at Bethel in Redding, they are good friends of mine and WONDERFUL people filled with the Lord’s Spirit! P.S. Kyla still remembers you. 🙂

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