{Could it really be?}


Could it really be? Am I really leaving in 35 days. According to the calendar that’s exactly what is happening. As I drove home today from work I realized I would only be driving this route for a couple more weeks. That is just weird. I have been working since High School. (Well technically since 6th grade when I got my first ‘official’ job as a paper carrier:) My life the last 6 years out of High School has revolved around working.  To set all that aside is strange. For 6.5 months I will no longer be working and focused on the 9-5 lifestyle so many of us live. You know the wake up, eat breakfast, race out the door to work, work for 8-10 hours, come home, eat, possibly get in a workout, sleep and repeat.

Instead its ME & GOD time.

Pretty much 24/7.

This is a dream for me. Listening to some of my favorite worship leaders/christian recording artists LIVE as a “requirement” for 22 hours a week. Yet while its a dream, its a dream filled with an on-going battle. My life. Were I have found myself weak, fearful, controlling, unforgiving, and hurt I have now been given a set aside time to focus on those things that hold me back from loving God and those around me with all that I am.  No more excuses of  “I don’t have time to go through this because I work early in the morning”, or “I have somewere to be”. Within this blessing I find it a tad daunting (Thank God for Jesus who is with me through this whole thing). I will no longer have excuses to hide behind, in not dealing with the pain this life has brought. Those that are coming to the internship are coming with the same purpose as me. To draw closer to the Lord, and deal with anything that is hindering it. This I find comforting, that we are all going with onething in mind. Less of me, More of HIM.

So here goes the countdown. 35 days to a whole new way of living life.



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