Easy way to save money while shopping online using EBATES

I was snapping and doing insta stories a bit ago on some online clearance when my little EBATES button popped up reminding me I can activate cash back when I realized I have never shared with you guys about how I use EBATES.

So I had seen the commercials for it how people get money back for shopping online, I had seen other bargain shoppers post their referral links but it never dawned on me that that OH YEAH, I shop online and I LOVE saving money.

So at some point in the last year I finally signed up and now I save money pretty much everywhere I shop online from expedia when I book our trips, to eBay, old navy, kohls…you name it, you can probably get cash back.

It is a super simple sign up process where it will install a button and anytime you go to a website that EBATES has cash back available it will pop up and remind you so you won’t ever forget. Its fantastic!!  Christmas time is always a good time when earning cash back.


To sign up you can use my referral link here: https://www.ebates.com/r/KYMBER608?eeid=28187 and you’ll actually get $10 right off the bat.

Let me know if you have any questions!


This is in no way a sponsored post. 



Day in the life

Well better late than never right? haha.

Finally getting around to posting pictures from our ‘day in the life’ shoot back in December by the wonderful KM Photography .

If you check her out, make sure and let her know I sent you 🙂 Krissy had approached my when I was pregnant and we came up with the idea to do a day in the life type session which I have never done before and honestly they have become some of my favorite sessions. Hubby obliged and put on matching pajamas (thanks babe 😉 and we all just cuddled in bed, made waffles and just hung out. You know, real life. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

life with kymberly janelle life with kymberly janelle


 You’ll notice on our nightstands we both have framed pictures of loved ones we have lost. I lost my mom to cancer almost 4 years ago, and my husband lost his grandpa.life with kymberly janelle

life with kymberly janelle life with kymberly janelle life with kymberly janelle life with kymberly janelle

life with kymberly janelle life with kymberly janelle dsc_2314-2 life with kymberly janelle life with kymberly janelle life with kymberly janelle life with kymberly janelle life with kymberly janelle life with kymberly janelle life with kymberly janelle life with kymberly janellelife with kymberly janelle




life with kymberly janelle life with kymberly janelle



life with kymberly janelle life with kymberly janelle life with kymberly janelle life with kymberly janelle life with kymberly janelle dsc_2474 life with kymberly janelle life with kymberly janelle






dsc_2322 dsc_2324life with kymberly janelle

Bedsheets: Target

Nighstands: Overstock

Lamps: Bought from a friend

Christmas trees on nightstand: Target dollar spot (2 years ago)

Wreath over bed: I made it! Just bought wire frame from michaels arts + crafts store and found the wreath material at a thrift store!

Husbands pajama bottoms: Old Navy

Baby Pajama Bottoms: Target

Mamas Pajama Bottoms: Kohls  ( on clearance of course 😉


Two ingredient pancakes

two ingredient pancakes
You guys these pancakes are life changing. No joke. I have NO IDEA how its taken me 30 years to discover them but I am on a mission to share with the world the goodness that these two ingredient pancakes are. I’ve gotten a couple friends hooked on them as well.

I grew up where my mom would always make a hot breakfast saturday morning. Well fast forward to me getting married and wintertime and I am always wanting a hot breakfast but lets be honest I am usually wanting a carb filled, sugar loaded breakfast. So when one of my friends snapped a picture on snapchat of her two ingredient pancakes I knew I had to try it out.

Let me tell you something. You can’t even tell theres no flour or sugar. I was shocked. I am a breastfeeding mama so I personally add ingredients to these pancakes. However you can still keep them at two ingredients and they are amazing.

two ingredient pancakes


2 eggs

1 banana

Optional ingredients to add:

Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Oats, Flaxseed, Protein Powder, Cocoa Powder, Chocolate Chips, Nuts…or anything else you want. You can make them as healthy or as decedent as you want.

I personally always add oats, flaxseed, cinnamon and nutmeg. As a breastfeeding mama I try to eat oats as much as I can. I find adding oats and flaxseed help it become a little more filling as well. 



  1. Heat pan to medium heat. Spray with oil if not nonstick.
  2. Use a fork to mash banana and eggs until same consistency. A few lumps are okay.
  3. Cook till done on each side

These pancakes take about the same amount of time to cook as regular pancakes however the consistency can be very different. If you just do banana and eggs it can be more like a crepe like consistency. If you add as many ingredients as I do it will be a little closer to a normal pancake.


You can top pancakes with whatever you want or nothing at all. I personally do nothing at all. I find they’re amazing all on their own.

two ingredient pancakes



Choosing to blog authentically

I started blogging 8 years ago. Long before it was cool, long before companies really took notice to sponsored posts and ads. It was xanga, it was sidebar ads, and youtube videos.

Back then every saturday I would take my bible and laptop and drive down to my favorite coffee shop on the water in washington and blog. For me blogging was journaling. I blogged everything I was going through. No matter how embarrassing, hurtful, or joyous.

My approach to blogging was if I am going through this hurt, pain, joy, confusion someone else probably is too. I chose to blog to be able to help others get through the hard stuff in life AND I always threw in a smattering of my crazy bargain shopping and home decorating.

And I am so ready to get back to that. I have found myself exhausted forcing myself in a hamster wheel trying to be something I am not. Trying to accomplish things that don’t inspire me. This season has been so confusing for me. As I reach for what it is that I was made to do things keep getting in the way distracting me from it and in my haste to solidify my job, and career I found myself swinging back and forth grasping at things that I really don’t care about but somehow convinced myself I did.

My intention in being a blogger has always been to inspire, and encourage others. So heres to getting back to that. Heres to letting go of trying to have all the bells and whistles and just being me.

Here’s to returning to my real passions and allowing my heart to be set on fire again for what makes me truly come alive.


Tips on how to travel with a baby

So this past thanksgiving we did the unthinkable…We flew with an infant.


Okay, okay, Im being dramatic buttttt it is extremely intimidating to fly with a baby for the first time am I right?

Our little guy was 5 months old at the time and you know what? He did INCREDIBLE. I was way more nervous and crazy than he was. haha. Honestly, I underestimated him.

The first day was my concern. We were waking him up at 4am when he normally would wake up at 6:30am and then our flight was at 6:30am. We made sure and picked a non stop flight that was just under 4 hours. I was hoping he would fall back asleep in the car ride but being woken up at 4am is exciting so he didn’t wanna miss a thing. haha. The main concern was because when we landed in Seattle at 8am their time he wouldn’t be able to sleep in a crib until almost bedtime. Little guy is sleep trained so we stick to sleeping in crib with a certain enviroment 98% of the time.

So…. my top tips for traveling with a baby are:

  • Stay on schedule with wake times. Yes, everything will get jumbled around but if you focus more on the babies wake times vs. what time is it back where we live it will be wayyyyy easier. Their wake times will obviously get pushed a bit and thats okay 🙂 We also chose to stay on midwest time since we were only gone for a week. We had to make some sacrifices when it came to nighttime activities but for my sanity it worked.
  • FLYING: Feed baby during take off and landing. This is what EVERY MOM told me. So we did this. First flight he fell asleep nursing before we even took off. By the last flight on the way home he was a pro and didn’t even need to nurse for landing.
  • FLYING: What to pack on the plane:
    • MILK: If baby is drinking formula bring a couple bottles and formula. 
    • Toys: Bring 2-3 toys for them to play with. Anymore than this is uneccesasary 
    • 2-3 hardback books 
    • Pacifiers (if you use them) and bring extra!! 
    • Lovey
    • Blanket from home that is familiar to them
    • Diapers 
    • Wipes


  • FLYING: What to bring on plane vs what to check: Perk of flying is your carseat and stroller are checked for FREE. Now where you check them is up to you. We borrowed a friends carseat cover backpack and it was a lifesaver!!! It is worth every penny. You will want and need it! We checked carseat at check-in. Then we checked our bob Revolutions SE stroller at the gate. We used stroller to walk through airport so if he wanted to sleep and we could load it up with stuff. Only bummer is you will have to take baby out of stroller and collapse it down when you go through security. For us though we preferred having the stroller as opposed to baby wearing through airport. To each his own though. Honestly, I would never travel without our jogger. It is so easy to move around downtown, airport, sightseeing. It was a lifesaver.
  • FLYING: What to wear: The planes can be cold so I suggest a long sleeve onesie and a fleece sleep and play outfit or pajamas for baby. If you’re breastfeeding then do whatever works for you. I swear by the two shirt method. I am not willing to sacrifice style for breastfeeding. I personally wore a couple extra layers to stay warm and comfy on plane ride so I could nap if I wanted too.

HAVE FUN!! Find a balance that works for you.

Remember, people get that babies cry. You don’t need to make a care package to say sorry my baby might cry. We’re all adults here. We get babies cry. We will live through it. Odds are though, your little one will do great, daddy will sleep the whole way and you will look like a crazed mama trying to keep it together. Or wait, maybe that was just us. haha.  regardless, take a deep breath and don’t stress. 


Thoughts on letting go of this year…


I have felt this deep sense of not only want but a NEED to simplfy my life. Not just for the sake of having a clean and organized house but for the sake of deep within me there are things (hopes, dreams, ambitions)  that have been stagnant and its time for them to re-surface. However if I’m being honest theres no room for them right now with everything else on my plate. My mind is cluttered with what-ifs, and hows, and when will there ever be time scenarios.

Yet when I think about the new year and the possibilities it holds I see so much potential.

First, I have to let go of some things. This February will be four years since my mom passed away. I have begun to allow myself to FEEL the pain, and in allowing myself to feel the pain it begins to lift off of me. Don’t get me wrong there is a sadness I carry with me everyday but in facing my fears, in facing the deepest darkest emotional pain I’ve known I allow myself freedom to feel joy. Real, authentic, beautiful, belly laughter kinda joy. Which I honestly haven’t felt on a daily basis in over five years. However I feel myself turning a corner, I see the light streaming through inviting me to dance. Inviting me to let go. Inviting me to jump in. It all sounds amazing. Yet, there is still a little piece of me hesitant to believe that goodness could truly fill my life again.

I don’t think it was any accident that we named our firstborn son Isaac. His name means laughter. Since carrying him I found myself erupting in laughter like I haven’t in years. He has and is bringing a dynamic to our little family that is healing. Maybe I should call it healing laughter.

These last couple days leading up to the new year I want to embrace all that this year as given me and let go of everything that didn’t bring me joy. I want to live the life I dream of. No matter how big and crazy those dreams may be. So who wants to dream with me? Who wants to jump in and let go?


Would love to hear what you are dreaming of, what you are believing for next year to entail.

DIY Modern Nursery Mobile


When I was shopping at Target earlier this year when all the christmas decor went to 90% off I spotted these geometric shapes and knew exactly what I wanted to do with them. I grabbed the four they had left at $0.30ea and began my plan. A modern baby mobile. When it comes to nursery decor I believe in simple is best.

I then had to purchase the hoop from Michaels which cost around $2 (I think I forgot to use a coupon. Insert shocked face I know, me forgetting to get a discount.)

I already had gold thread and black spray paint.


I honestly took a couple coats. I was surprised while they are pastel colored they didn’t want to go to black instantly. 2-3 coats later they were black as night.


I love how it turned out. Simple, modern, and not to fussy.



Supplies needed:


3-5 ornaments


Spray Paint

Time: Under 15 minutes (not counting how long it takes for spray paint to dry)



(I made that sign for his nursery as well 🙂