Saving Money at Target


I love target. I don’t know a single woman who doesn’t. I mean you walk in only needing 3 things and walk out with at least 5 items. Am I right? Well, now instead of walking out with more than … Continue reading

Making time for dates.


  Dates for me are important. They make me come alive. Quality time has become one of my top 3 love languages in the last year or two. Having uninterrupted time together is so valuable to me. As a photographer it … Continue reading

Why settle for less?


When did dreams become fears

and wishes become long lost fairytales

when did oppurtunity become rationalized as risk

and risk became something not worth going after

when did settling for less become ok?

It seems that people continue to settle for less daily in everything that they do. I know I have been there, done that. From peoples dietary choices,  job oppurtunites, relationships, friendships, and there confidence {or lack there of} in who they are. Everyday we have choices to either brings life or death to ourselves. But to often we chose that which will hinder us on our path in this lifetime. Each morning we wake up and must decide what it is we are going to put in our body, will it be something to supress regrets from the night before’s poor choices? Or something to make us forget all about the pain of yesterday even if for just a moment?  OR will it be something that will give our body energy, life? What about that job that we go to? Is it really what your wanting to do? Does it make you happy? For so many people they feel like they cant do any better, or they see the market dropping or prices of things going up and freak out thinking that theres no point in wanting more, that they are just going to fail no matter what. But is this true? No. Its a lie. Compeltely ficticious. It’s people settling for less. Feeling like they deserve nothing more than that which they have. That the fight is not worth fighting. But it is worth fighting. Its your LIFE at stake. What about the relationships your in? with your friends? spouse? girlfriend? boyfriend? Are you settling for less? Are you happy?

Simply put is it life giving?

Does it EXALT Jesus?

Meaning do you feel depressed and worried and anxious around that person or that group of friends, or do they help you, bring good advice to the table, do they comfort you? Do they know the “real” you? So why do people settle for less? Many have believed the lie that we don’t deserve anything, or only those born into certain families will succeed. That because of the families that we were born into, or curses or strongholds that may be in our family geneology (addiction, divorce, poverty…) that, thats simply what we must deal with or that it would be to hard to fight for that which is rightfully ours. For some its been the lies that there family, significant others, and so called friends have fed us. That we cant do it, that we wont ever amount to anything, that thats only for the rich, that only people who look or talk a certain way are able to do whatever it is that were dreaming of. Somewere in our childhood we heard the lie that were not good enough at math, science, writing, that we couldnt read good enough and we believed it. After all if an adult, a teacher told us this. They must know, they went to school, there smart…right? Wrong…Words sting. especially if they are driven into us as children. But theres no better time than now to address those issues…what lies were you fed? Some are afraid of success. Afraid of whats to come, afraid that they will fall down like so many others, afraid of the temptations that seem to tag along with success. Afraid of what if they make a mistake. Could it could be mans fear of failure that tricks him into thinking he shouldn’t grab hold of that which rightfully his given to him by his heavenly father? Afraid to venture out with business plans, or ideas of going to school simply because they have failed in the past and dont want to repeat that cycle over again, so they stay were they are and become staginate. Life no longer pours out of them. Instead the idea of settling for less because it is just easier, more conivient settles into them and they stick with that. When really it just haunts them day and night everytime they see someone in the job postion that they wish they had, or with the family they have been dreaming for…They become okay with just taking crumbs, leftovers. When God has so much more for them. Settling for less. Why have we as a whole settled for less? We have been given so many God given talents. So many gifts. Why is it that we have chosen to take a back seat, and let others do the job? I believe its time for us all to take a stand and STOP settling for less. In relationships, in career moves, in schooling. What is it that you want to do? Whats stopping you? God is the provider of all things great & small. It is in him that ALL is accomplished. Go to him, seek him in all things. Whatever it is you are dealing with he can help…It is in him.


You wonder…

You wonder if its been to long

if you have taken to many steps

if to much life has been lived

you wonder what more of life there is to unfold

you wonder where it is that you could possibly go

to where shall you go

to where shall you wander

to where do you dare to go

is it your age that holds you back

a person, a past, a lie

a place, a nightmare, a song

what is it that you have given into

your past is gone

but you’ve let it hold on to you

Time to let go.

let go of the fear.

grasp hold of His love.


Let Him spin you around

Like a little girl in dress twirl until your heart bursts forth in joy.

Laugh until the tears come.

You were never to much.

You were never a burden.

You were never forgotten.

You were never a plan b.

You were ALWAYS His desire. 



Where do I begin…


Wow. I just logged into my blog and saw that my last blog post was back in October over 4 months ago. Phew. Where do I even begin?  I have so many things on my mind, on my heart. Bear … Continue reading

When mom isn’t here to celebrate



I kinda resisted writing this piece, however I knew words needed to be written because I am not the only one who is walking through this. So here they are. I pray they encourage and remind you of the incredible woman that your mother is. – Kymberly Janelle-

Mothers Day is hard. But not for the reasons you may think.

You see, my mom passed away in 2013. So when I see all the ads for Mothers Day there’s apart of me that is reminded that Mother’s Day is coming up because truth be told, I kinda forgot. As Mother’s Day draws closer I start hearing and seeing more ads for what mom’s really want. I see people choosing for a day to cut mom some slack and give her a bit of what she deserves. That is when the pain hits me. I wish I had more time to give my mom what she deserves. My mom was selfless to the day she died. She would apologize for us having to take care of her, she would make sure that every stranger that walked out of the house was given something to leave with. Mother’s Day for alot of people is a time they get teary eyed as they realize and remember all the sacrifices mom did so that they could be alive.

I am very sensitive to mother-daughter relationships around me. It is VERY HARD when I hear girls and women talk about their mom or talk to their mom in a negative tone.

First off because they are another human.

Second, because they are their elder- their mother.

And thirdly because they are the very ones that sacrificed their lives for your own.

My heart breaks for those who do not know the treasure that their mom is.

Moms are extraordinary if you didn’t already know. From the moment you were conceived they allowed their body to be stretched and molded in ways they wouldn’t normally. They allowed themselves to be put through the most intense pain a human could willingly feel. Then they looked after you. Even if your mom wasn’t perfect, which no mom is. They were more than likely there to make sure you had clothes on your back and food in your belly. Most of times before they ever did the same for themselves. A mothers love is sacrificial. We forget this alot. I know I forgot it alot as a teenager. I back-talked my mom, I didn’t think that what she was saying was valid. Once I got into my twenties though I realized. Mom kinda does know best. Not all the time, but alot of the time. My mom’s heart towards me is love and life. That is what we need to focus on even when she is giving advice we may not want to hear, or when she is telling you what you’re doing is not life giving.

For those with moms still living my prayer for you this weekend is that you would use this opportunity as a launching off point to honor your mother. To open your heart to her, not just this weekend but each and every weekend. That you would tell her thank you, that you would smile that big smile that brings  joy to her heart. She loved seeing you smile as a baby, and she still love seeing it today. My prayer for you is that you would see the sacrificial love that your mom has given you and you would return it. I do not have my mom here to do that anymore with, but let me tell you it is the greatest joy I encountered in my relationship with my mom. Honoring her and loving her to the best that I know how. Her dying days I was there with her taking care of her. I flew halfway across the country, took a month off work and took care of her every need. Her needs while in hospice care were great. They were inconvenient, they were terrifying, they were life threatening. That’s just what love does though. It is what she did for me. Over and over and over again.

I hope you never have to experience what I experienced in losing my mom so early in life. It wasn’t her time. However the Lord is working out GOOD THINGS in my life and the lives of my family members and that is beautiful. Yes, I wish she were here. I wish I could collapse in her arms and cry and cry and cry until I had no more tears left to tell her how much I love her and how thankful I am for all that she did for me.

Moms do without asking.

We should too. Not just towards moms, but towards all those around us. Honor. Respect. Love everyone we encounter.